Committee of Heads of Irish Geoscience Institutes

Geoscience Conferences and Meetings

Irish Geoscience Research Meetings

Initially known as the "North-South" meeting.

Note the following informal "rules" that have become estiablished over the last 56 years:

  • There is no registration fee (but there is a charge for the dinner
  • Postgraduate student presentations are given preference
  • The meeting is held on the last weekend of February, unless there is a home rugby international
xx1975TCD, Dublin
271983UCC, Cork
281984TCD, Dublin
291985NUIG, Galway
--1986no meeting
301987UCC, Cork
311988TCD, Dublin
321989QUB, Belfast
331990UCD, Dublin
341991NUIG, Galway
351992TCD, Dublin
361993UCC, Cork
371994UUC, Coleraine
381995SIT, Sligo
391996UCD, Dublin
401997QUB, Belfast
411998NUIG, Galway
421999TCD, Dublin
432000UCC, Cork
442001UUC, Coleraine
462003QUB, Belfast
472004NUIG, Galway
482005TCD, Dublin
492006UCC, Cork
502007UUC, Coleraine
512008UCD, Dublin
522009TCD, DublinPDF
532010QUB+UM, Belfast
542011NUIG, GalwayPDF
552012UCC, CorkPDFPDF
562013UUC, Coleraine