Committee of Heads of Irish Geoscience Institutes

CHIGI is an All-Ireland committee which comprises the Heads of Irish Geoscience Institutes

CHIGI provides a forum for the heads of Geology and Geophysics Institutes from across the island of Ireland. The intent of the Committee is to increase coordination, cooperation, and support between institutions for the benefit of all-Ireland geosciences. The geosciences has a lot to offer the economy and the society of the island of Ireland covering diverse topics from groundwater to mineral and metal resources, from energy production to geohazard risk management to understanding climate change and educating the next generation of geoscientists. Geosciences is relevant now and will help us face up to clear future challenges. By coordinating our geoscience expertise, resources and organisational support on an all-Ireland basis we can better maximise benefits to our society and help meet the challenges of the future.

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